Following the concept of developing two collections a year under the same theme, Också a collection with a sample character. Using raw materials and techniques that lead an unfinished process aesthetic, the collection will undergo a transition that will be completed in their following collection.

The idea for the PILOTO collection comes from the intention of the duo Igor Bastos and Deisi Witz, creative directors of Också, to expose their creative process, making an immersion in the theme. A sample garment is essential to the development of a collection and to highlight its value they will reuse it for next season.

Although it has unfinished appearance, the collection will have a finished product, and will serve as a starting point for the following collection – adding colors, shapes, textures and new fabrics.

In parts, the brand brings the importance of natural fibers in the fabrics used. The prints from the collection were created from accidental paintings valuing the process of the original imperfection. Linen, sweats and knits, which are best sellers of Också also reappears. Tunics, pants, skirts, jacket, overalls, and chemise gain broader and unstructured shapes, highlighting the genderless brand identity.

The tones of raw cotton accentuate the sensitivity of the collection, which has developed handmade accessories in ceramic signed by Carolina Peraça and the shoes are part of a collaboration of NUU Shoes for Också.

STYLING: Tathiana Yumi Kurita

HAIR: Cubo

M.U.A: Capa

SPONSORS: Vicunha Têxtil | Círculo S.A.