The elements of wild nature from a concrete and abandoned Environment going against humans adaption to these ecosystems served as inspiration for the development of Också’s winter collection 2016.

Unusual materials that reinforce the brand personality, come back in the winter with safety buckle and tyre chamber – raw materials used for accessories produced in partnership with Vuelo brand, in addition to raincoats and jackets.

Elected fabrics for the season are: plume, rip block, 4 way, sweat fabric , knit, wool, linen, canvas and rayon. The large, light and trim shape confirm the strong feature of också: non distinction of gender. Models of shirts, sweaters, parka, dresses, pants, shorts and overalls, bringing more organic quality to pieces of natural and synthetic fabrics.

The color palette is geared towards the contemplation of the nuances of tone in this forest, green moss, gray, and black lead. The tailoring will be more present in the pieces of this collection, which also works with the contrast of different finishing techniques.

STYLING: Tathiana Yumi Kurita
BEAUTY: Renner Souza

CAMPAIGN: Flavio Samelo ft. Alex Moura & Rita Diniz